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AJAX 37164.62.WH1

• ENG: Available only to Ajax Fibra Certified Installers. Contact info@vectorsecurity.com.cy for more information on how to obtain the certification license
• GR: Διατίθεται μόνο σε πιστοποιημένους εγκαταστάτες Ajax Fibra. Επικοινωνήστε στο info@vectorsecurity.com.cy για περισσότερες πληροφορίες στο πως να αποκτήσετε την πιστοποίηση

MultiTransmitter Fibra is an integration module connecting third-party wired devices to an Ajax security system. It has 18 zones for connecting NC, NO, EOL, 2 EOL, and 3 EOL devices.
MultiTransmitter Fibra is equipped with two tampers for protection against dismantling. The device is powered from the 110–240 V~ mains, and can also be powered from the 12 V? backup battery. It can supply 12 V? power to connected devices.

Key Features:

• Bus connection: 4-core cable
• Bus line length: up to 2,000 meters
• Number of zones: 18 wired zones
• Type of connection: NC, NO, EOL, 2EOL, 3EOL
• Cable length: Up to 400m
• Operation mode: Pulse, bistable
• Power Supply: 110–240 V~
• MultiTransmitter Fibra backup power supply: 12 V?, up to 7 Ah capacity with a full charge cycle of up to 30 hours
• Dimensions: 192 x 238 x 100 mm
• Operating temperature range: from 10°C to +40°C

Additional information

Weight .89 kg