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Key Feature
• TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, and GPRS/3G/4G network
• New generation wireless protocol: Tri-X
• Long RF transmission distance
• Two-way communication with AES-128 encryption
• Connects up to 96 wireless zones/outputs, 48 wireless keyfobs, 4 repeaters, 6 sounders, 8 tag readers & keypads, and PIRCAM.

The capability varies according to the model of device.
• Supports up to 48 network users, including 1 installer, 1 administrator, and 46 normal users
• Voice prompt
• Configuration via Web client, mobile client, and Convergence Cloud
• Hik-Connect and Hik-ProConnect configuration depends on the user access level
• Pushes alarm notification via messages or phone calls
• Views life videos from Hik-Connect
• Alarm video clips via emails and APP
• Uploads alarm reports to ARC
• Supports LED indicator to indicates system status
• 4520 mAh lithium backup battery
• SIA-DC09 protocol, and supports both Contact ID and SIA data format

Additional information

Weight ,75 kg