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Κατασκευαστής Τύπος , ,

AC Wall Chargers (600W Input Max)
230W Power Supply: 14 hours
600W Power Supply (Add-on Purchase): 6 hours
Solar Charging (600W Actual Input Max)
*NOTE: Solar Panel Rated Watts are only what the Panel is rated to produce in perfect temperature/orientation/angle/full sun conditions with no losses due to cables, etc.
100W Rated Panels (Boulder 100 BC/Nomad 100): 36-72 Hours of sunlight
200W Rated Panels (Boulder 200 BC/Nomad 200): 18-36 Hours of sunlight
400W Rated Panels (2x Boulder BC/Nomad 200): 9-18 Hours of sunlight
600W Rated Panels (2x Ranger 300/ 3x Boulder/Nomad 200): 6-12 Hours of sunlight
800W* Rated Panels (4x Nomad 200/etc.): 6-9 Hours of sunlight
1200W* Rated Panels (4x Ranger 300/etc.): 6 Hours of sunlight

Chainable: No
Simultaneous Recharge & Discharge: Yes
Weight: 69.78 lbs (31.65 kg)
Dimensions: 15.25 x 10.23 x 13.6 in (38.74 x 25.98 x 34.54 cm)
Operating usage temperature:32-104 F (0-40 C)
Warranty: 2 years

Battery Details
Cell chemistry: Li-ion NMC
Pack capacity: 3032Wh (10.8V, 280.8Ah)
Single Cell Equivalent Capacity: 842.4Ah @ 3.6V
Pack Lithium Content: 253g
Lifecycles: 500
Cycles to 80% capacity (Discharge rate: 1C, Full charge/discharge, Temp: 25C)
Shelf-life: Charge every 3-6 months
Management system: MPPT charge controller

1x High Power Charging port (AC or Solar): 600W Max (14-50V, up to 50A)
2x 8mm charging port (AC or Solar): 150W Max (14-50V, up to 10A); Front face & under lid
1x USB-C PD port: 60W Max (5 – 20V, up to 3.0A), regulated
2x AC: 2000W, 3500W Surge (120VAC 60Hz, 16.5A), Pure Sine Wave
2x USB-A: 12W Max (5V, up to 2.4A), regulated
1x USB-C: 18W Max (5 – 12V, up to 3.0A), regulated
2x 6mm: 120W Max (12V, up to 10A), regulated
1x Car Port: 160W Max (12V, up to 13A), regulated
2x High Power Port: 360W Max (12V, up to 30A), regulated; Front face & under lid
Expansion Module Port: Under the lid – To be used with

Additional information

Weight 37.00 kg