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Hikvision DS-2TD2628-7/QA Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Bullet Camera supports video analysis for perimeter
protection, and also temperature exception alarm for early fire prevention. With the deep learning algorithm, it can realize
high precision VCA detection and real-time alarm. These camera series can be widely applied to villas, communities, parking
lots, warehouses, construction sites, waste incineration plants, manufacturing workshops, etc.

• 256 x 192 resolution, 12 μm, VOx UFPA, NETD < 40 mK (25°C, F1.0)
• Video content analysis: vehicle/human classification
• Temperature exception alarm for fire prevention, -20°C to 150°C (-4°F to 302°F), +/- 8°C (+/- 14.4°F)
• Image processing technology: linear, histogram, self-adaptive thermal AGC mode, DDE, 3D DNR
• High quality detector with 10 years guarantee

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Weight 1.80 kg