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Body camera (hereinafter referred to as device) highly integrates with record, taping, capture, positioning, etc. It is embedded with positioning module with high sensitivity to locate the occurring position of events accurately. It can record the process and condition of events completely via record, taping, and capture. You can also tag the important data for future search. It is small and light, convenient to carry, and can be worn on the shoulder, satisfying the requirement of mobile duty and evidence record for single person. It is widely applicable to public security protection, city management, industry and commerce, etc.

• 1080p HD recording.
• The recorded videos can be uploaded to the central video platform via 4G wireless communication.
• Dual positioning modules of GPS and Beidou. The location information can be uploaded to the command center in real time.
• Supports IR night vision. Even in the dark scene, the facial features of the persons in the scene can be recognized clearly.
• Tri-proof design to support all-weather filed operation.
• Built-in battery with large capacity, supporting longer working hour.
• Small size, light weight, and convenient to carry.
• Large recording button for convenient operation.

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Weight .20 kg