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Κατασκευαστής Τύπος , ,

The fuse module is intended for dividing power in low-voltage alarm systems (power distribution) that
require voltage within the range of: 10V ? 30V DC. It contains two power inputs: a screw connector and a DC
5,5/2,1 outlet and four power outputs AUX1?AUX4 which are independently secured with ,5A (the possibility
of using 0,3A or 1A fuses, not supplied) glass fuses. An activation of the PTC fuse is indicated by an
appropriate LED going out: L1 for AUX1, L2 for AUX2 etc. Additionally, each output is secured by a varistor
which protects the PSU and the receivers against surges in the power circuit.

Additional information

Weight ,06 kg