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8/16 Siemens IC60M-8 Zone Control Panel:

-Multi-function security panel
-Modern design
-Wired and / or wireless peripheral connection
-Ability to support 2 partitions
-8 – 16 wired and / or wireless zones
-Up to 100 users
-Up to 16 remote controls with panic buttons
-The ability to dial 8 phone numbers with the built-in PSTN voicemail
-8 Scheduled calendar functions
– 4 – 8 Programmable outputs *
-Up to 7 external 125 kHz proximity keypads and / or readers *
-External GSM module for SMS communication and sending *
-Various methods of confirming an alarm
-Remote configuration and PC support
-Programmable locally with keyboard, removable memory card or PC
-Temperature display
-Available in Compact or Modular (separate keyboard-keyboard)

Keyboard White LCD Siemens IKP6-03:

-External keyboard with large LCD display and temperature display.
-Discrete rear blue LED lighting.
-The keyboard has a modern design and is extremely level.
-The glossy surface, transparent keys and color options make it versatile in every room and preference
-The IKP6-03 features a 2-line display of 16 characters each.
-The screen and keys are backlit, adjustable, and volume and tone.
-The keyboard has 5 tell-tales to inform the user about the most important system information / information such as “ready”, “trouble”, “stay at home”, “bypass” zone override) and “armed”.
-Button design is user-friendly as it is based on the standard phone keypad.
-The Emergency Alert buttons are typically shown. Finally, there is a temperature indication.

Additional information

Weight 2.07 kg